Every week you can find us at:

Mangawhai Market: Saturday 9am to 1pm

The Clevedon Village Farmers Market: Sunday 8:30am to 1pm

Big markets coming up over the next few months:

Winetopia – Fri-Sat, 9-10 June 2017

The Food Show – Thurs-Sun, 27-30 July 2017

Street Eats – Sat, 19 August 2017

See you at the markets!

You can find us at local markets, usually surrounded by a crowd of eager customers, and cooking up a storm. We sell direct to the public at the markets and through selected specialty stores. Check this site for details of where you can find us on any given weekend and which stores are stocking our products. Or just e-mail us to find out.

“Our mission is to deliver top quality, traditional Japanese dumplings with a guarantee that you will always get a consistent, superior product. We want people to discover just how delicious real Japanese dumplings are.”
Akemi Obata, Benjamin James

Our flavours:

Pork & garlic chive

The original dumpling based on Akemi’s grandmother’s timeless recipe.

Chicken & prawn

Another combination of traditional flavours from Akemi’s youth.

Miso & shiitake

A vegetarian option that recreates Akemi’s favourite soup and dumpling flavours.

Akemi Obata grew up in Japan savouring her grandmother’s pork dumplings (gyoza). When she moved to New Zealand, Akemi began serving her authentic Japanese dumplings to Kiwis and discovered they too loved her grandmother’s recipe.

Akemi has teamed up with Kiwi trained chef, Benjamin James, to bring the authentic flavours of Japan to you with their range of Akemi’s gyoza.